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Server Description

This server's main priority is community; no matter which world you're in, we still chat and even troll each other. What I hate about servers now is that you join and everyone is too busy to even talk to you but here everyone starts to fight just to be the first to welcome a newcomer.

We keep the community alive by doing adventure maps, mob arenas or just going down a new mine to strike some diamond.

We have Adventure Maps, PVP maps (like Ghost_Hunt  and Hunger_Games), Mini-Game Maps (like DeathCube) and  a Creative and Survival world.

Join Us today!

Server Ranks                                             Important Server Warps

Default                                                                                       /warp shop  Takes you to the region shop at spawn where members can buy/sell items and XP

Member                                                                                    /warp wild    Takes you to a set location in the wilderness. 

VIP                                                                                           /warp pvp     Takes you to a the PVP arena.

                                                                                                /warp twxp   Takes you to the server station where you can change the current                                                                           ...                                                                                             weather,time,and buy/sell xp.

                                                                                                /warp ghost  Takes you to the Ghost Arenas Walls Where You Can Join The Game.

                                                                                                /warp skyblock  Takes you To A Sky Block Island Where You Can Play Sky Block.

                                                                                                /warp Spawn    you Know Where!

                                                                                                /warp DeathCube  Takes You To DeathCube Region Where You Can Play DeathCube.

                                                                                                /warp PB   Takes you To E